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The Game Editor for Learning (G.E.L.) is a modified version of Felgo's Platformer with Level Editor, specially designed for the CHEM Jam, a game creation event for chemical engineering students to create game levels for learning engineering processes. More information on how to use the G.E.L. and organise a CHEM Jam in a curriculum-based engineering course can be found here.


GameEditorForLearning-Release-windows.zip 27 MB
GameEditorForLearning-Release-mac.zip 102 MB
Assessment Template.docx 34 kB
Guidelines for creating levels.pdf 340 kB
Tutorial_Game Editor for Learning.pdf 376 kB

Install instructions


To start the program, unzip the downloaded folder, enter the 'GameEditorForLearning-Release' directory, and then enter the 'release' directory and launch the 'GameEditorForLearning.exe' file.


In Finder, uncompress the downloaded folder, then enter the 'GameEditorLearning-Release' directory.

Control-click the 'GameEditorForLearning' file (it might show up as 'GameEditorForLearning.app'). 

Then, choose Open from the shortcut menu. Click Open.

Supporting Materials:

The supporting materials to organize a CHEM Jam include the G.E.L. tutorial, guidelines for creating levels, and an assessment template for facilitators to assess the level.

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